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Video Creator Economy

Tik Tok

Mobile First

A platform that was built for an app first and built for web second.

Video Only

A platform that is for videos only. No text, audio, or photos.


A news feed that shows posts from people you follow in real time.


A page that shows popular videos tailed to your liking.

In App Camera

A video camera built into the app.

In App Video Editing

Video editing tools build into the app.


Each post is organized by the category of the video.


Users can put videos in separate folders for organization.

Augmented Reality

In app AR filters and effects to enhance video.

Virtual Reality

Videos viewable in virtual reality.

Live Streaming

Go live and show people what you are doing in real time.

Live Rooms

Multiple people can join a room and go live for people to watch.

Video Calling

Video call your friends and have a real time chat.

Group Video Calling

Video call with multiple people and have a real time chat.

Push to Stream

This is a live video walkie talkie between two or more users.

Short Form Video

This is for videos under two minutes.

Long Form Video

This is for videos over one hour.

Pay Wall

Creators can post content that you have to pay to view.

Computer Vision

Using AI to accurately identify and classify objects.

In-Video Search

Search inside a video using speech, people, objects and more.

In-Video Alerts

Alert celebrities and brands when users make a video about them.

Multiple User Login

One person can be logged in to multiple accounts at once.

Self Verification

Users can submit proof of identity and verify themselves.


Users and brands can open a store and sell goods.


Users can upload and select music to put in their video.


Users can send, receive, and withdraw money.


All financial transactions are recorded on the blockchain ledger.

Digital Currency

A digital virtual currency attached to the USD.


Users can buy and sell bitcoin and other coins in the wallet.

Stock Market

Users can tag a stock using the $ symbol.


Users can tip creators money if they like their work.

Direct Messaging

Users can direct message other users.

Paid Direct Messaging

Users can pay to message celebrities.

Paid Video Call

Users can pay to have a video call with celebrities.

Paid Shout Out

Users can pay celebrities for a custom video shoutout.

Influencer Advertising

Brands can pay influencers in app for a sponsored post.

Scheduled Post

Users can schedule a time for their video to release.


Users can tag other users in a post.


Users can post a #hashtag so others can easily find a post.


Users get a notification on all profile activity.


Users can follow other users to see their post on their timeline.


Users can like videos posted by other users.


Users can comment on videos posted by other users.


Users can share videos posted by other users via sms, email, and more.